Once you begin classes, you will receive training on various topics and skills related to your service. If you have not worked in an afterschool environment before, don’t worry! We will help you prepare for everything you need. There are a few things that you will want to consider before you come to campus.


Because we do not have good public transportation, students transport themselves to their service sites. However, not everyone has a car, so we ask for volunteers to be carpool drivers. Carpool groups include people with your same schedule and service site. At the end of the semester, drivers may get a gas card in appreciation for their generous service. Please consider bringing a car to campus and signing up to be a driver if you have access to a vehicle.


When you register for your fall classes, there is one class in particular that you must register for in order to participate in the Village Project. Secondary and Elementary Education Majors: for the fall semester, you must make sure to register for a section of EDUC 101. In the spring, you must register for a section of EDUC 102. Music Education Majors:you will not be participating in the Village Project in the fall. In the spring, you must register for a section of EDUC 103.

Time Commitment

One worry incoming students have is whether or not they will have enough time to participate in everything in addition to their Village Project commitment. The good news is, you will! To help visualize the time commitment associated with the Village Project, we created a sample course schedule for an incoming education major. In the sample, you can see the way serving at your Village Project site fits in with the rest of your courses. This sample schedule shows from 8am-6pm on weekdays. As pictured in the sample, you have more free time than you might think! You have a lot of flexible time in between classes, in the evenings, and over the weekends. With your Village Project commitment, it is entirely feasible to be involved in student organizations, participate in sports or music, or have a job while still having time for meals, friends, and homework around your classes. To plan out your own schedule, check out the SNC time planning guide!