My Experience

Village Project is a multifaceted experience for first year education majors. In this experience, there are three main components: education courses, a learning community, and a service experience. These components all work together to give you the best experience possible and provide opportunities to learn in different ways. 

Village Project Components

Education Courses

  • EDUC 101 (fall)  and EDUC 102 (spring); Music Education: EDUC 103 (spring)
  • Discover the foundations of the U.S. education system, different learning theories, important figures in education, and more
  • Learn how to work with and understand your interactions with students

Learning Community

  • A small group of VP participants that meets with an upper class student mentor prior to your service experience
  • Prepare for the VP service experience by completing training and talking all things VP
  • Build relationships with those you will be serving alongside

Service Experience

  • Support community needs by facilitating successful afterschool programs in local elementary schools
  • Build relationships with the local community
  • Apply course learning to real world experiences and develop as an education advocate

VP offers three different service opportunities through which students will be supporting the community. Choose the service opportunity that is right for you. For more information on the options below, please view our option specific pages!

Village Project Roles