Project Partners

We believe that it takes a village in order to do the work that we do. Our Village Project team includes your faculty, professional college staff, student staff, community partners, and upper class TLC mentors. Meet the members of our community!


The main part of our community that you will be interacting with is your faculty! They teach your EDUC 101, 102, or 103 courses. They will guide you through this experience, connecting course content to your service experience. The relationships you form in their classroom will be a first of many communities of support in VP and at St. Norbert. Look for your instructor on your course schedule and check out our faculty page!

Sturzl Center Staff

The professional staff that work in the Sturzl Center support the work of your faculty to help you have a great experience. They connect with community partners and ensure that all have the resources they need. Check out our staff page! The group of student staff at the Sturzl Center work to make sure your VP experience runs smoothly and will help you to fulfill the requirements needed for a successful VP experience. You will learn about your placements, carpool groups, attendance tracking, and more from them. To know more about our student staff, check out our student staff page!

Community Partners

Your VP placement will be at an afterschool program in the Green Bay area led by one of our incredible community partners. These staff will support you in any way you need during your service.

TLC Mentors

To help guide you through the program, you will also be assigned a TLC mentor. This mentor is an upper class education major here at SNC. This student has been through the Village Project and will help prepare you prior to your placement.